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Welcome Lobby Challenge - Winner gets $10 USD!

Have you got what it takes to build the best Welcome Lobby?

Howdy X's, 

HabboX is in need of a Public Welcome Lobby, and because we're incredibly lazy, we're making our very first campaign/event be a Welcome Lobby Challenge. 


1) The Welcome Lobby must be spacious and unique.

2) There must be a minimum of 5 contestants/submissions before a winner is declared.

3) There is no limit to the style, fashion, and vibes of the room design - go crazy!

4) To enter your room for consideration, name your room "X Welcome Lobby". 


First prize is $10 USD via paypal (or an Amazon Gift Card) along with your room being made the Official HabboX Welcome Lobby + a custom badge + free VIP. 

Second prize is a custom badge + free VIP

Third prize is free VIP. 

I'm super excited to see where this goes! 

- Joker