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We thank you for carefully reading all the provisions below which govern the use of the Site (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use"). Access to the Site and the services offered are reserved for people over 10 years old.

If you are under 18, you must ask your parents or guardians to explain to you any terms or expressions used below that you do not understand and validate with them your decision to accept all of the Terms of Use. .

Terms of Use

1-Charges and Responsibilities

1.1 uses the resources of the Sulake group and offers its players a mostly free alternative to Habbo Hotel, developed by this same company. The purpose of bringing this parallel hotel online is to be able to offer a gaming experience enriched by a different management made by its own community and a virtual currency obtained for free, like Habbo Hotel. Habbox is not for profit and spends all of its profits on improving the stability of its servers and creating new content. uses Arcturus Morningstar Emulator, downloadable from the net to emulate the current version of the .

1.2 Any claim against from the Sulake group will be made after contact with the creator of clear and explicit. reserves the right not to answer calls or preventive emails when they are not sent through the Sulake group address Oy, in order to confirm the identity of the beneficiary thus avoiding any attempt at identity theft.

1.3 Regarding the protection of minors, has a moderation team made up of its own community just like the popular online teen games Runescape and Club Pengin do. This moderation team responds to clear and precise directives: sanction anyone who violates our terms of use. takes the safety of its users very seriously and is involved in the fight against pedophiles by monitoring, as far as possible, conversations in order to identify sensitive behaviors.

1.4 Any third party solicited for the development of is not necessarily aware that uses the resources of the Sulake group, their skills being universal, and the real game client being non-modifiable, any accusation of criminal association would be inadmissible.

1.5 The project is just a response to the proliferation of alternative hotels that have occurred between 2012 and 2013 and the desire to raise the Habbo community. A legal vagueness remains on the mass of alternative hotels, also called a "retro", and no claim from the Sulake group has been made against . Likewise, no other alternative hotel with which isn't associate with is not the subject of a complaint. We try to take all necessary measures for the immediate closure of if a claim whose authenticity has been proven is issued on the part of the beneficiaries.

1.6 All competitions organized on are made by our users which allow the winning of prizes in the true-life are subject to their regulations and which are included in each article announcing a contest via a hyperlink. These rules, written by the team, detail the terms of participation and those related to the reception of the lot. It is important to remember that we always ask for a photo of the lot received to be able to integrate it on our social networks and thus prove that it is not a case of a scam.

1.7 All music in the store is subject to various copyrights. We are fully aware of the copyrights of the various albums available on , however, these can be freely listened to on Youtube at any time by a user. is content to retransmit the music, without ever offering it for download.

1.8 If a user forgets his or her password to access their account on , they will have to inform us of their username and email address linked to the account in question. Also if they have an email verification setup, a code for changing the account password will be sent to the e-mail attached to the account within 2 minutes. If the user does not remember or cannot access their original email address, the user cannot recover their account.

1.9 undertakes to do their utmost best to ensure the safety of players in the face of scams. Therefore, the members who make up our team can intervene if they deem it necessary. During an intervention, and if they judge that a scam or theft has taken place, the team member reserves the right to refund or collect items that have been stolen.

1.10 provides tools to prevent account theft, such as two-step authentication through email that is a double security in addition to the password, which can be activated via the user interface. If the team judges that a hack has taken place and that they have the necessary evidence to hand over the account to the owner, they reserve the right to report back to the user. However, no reimbursement of any loss of property can not be affected.

1.11 We are committed to communicating the personal information we have to our provision on a user under the GDPR only if the latter contacts us by email with the email address used by the account in question.

1.12 Scam sanctions scales: First scam: Less than 10K: exclusion of 7 days + 10K fine. Less than 50K: exclusion of 14 days fine of 50K. Less than 100K: exclusion of 30 days + 100K fine. Greater than 200K: exclusion 120 days and empty. Second scam: Less than 10K: exclusion 14 days + 20K fine. Less than 50K: exclusion of 29 days + fine of 100K. Less than 100K: permanent exclusion and deletions of assets. Third scam: blacklist + empty

1.13 The reserves the right to judge whether there is an attempted sale or sale of goods gambling for real money based on internal or external gambling evidence.

1.14 By purchasing a room on , you agree not to be distinguished from other players in abide by the rules and accept fairness among all players.

1.15 The reserves the right to confiscate or penalize, or remove property of a player and his other accounts when he does not follow the rules.

2-Conditions of sale

2.1 has a store allowing its users to take advantage of in-game advantages, but don't dispense them in no way that affects the quality of the game. All purchases made on the online store of allow us to improve our infrastructures using known and widely popular, pay domain names and game servers. The members who make up our team are not remunerated for the services they provide voluntarily. All purchase transactions from Coins carried out in-store are verified by an independent payment provider: refunds, out of failure technical data of our web services, are therefore carried out with them. Users under the age of 13 should not buy Coins on without the consent of their parents.

2.2 We are not responsible for any payment or transaction problem with the service of the " Shop". No refund can be made in the event of a problem technical.

2.3 Since the goods are virtual and made available immediately, you waive fully your legal right of withdrawal.

2.4 Refunds are made only in the form of a voucher and only in the event of a problem. No reimbursement will not be made in the event of interruption or permanent closure of the site .

2.5 All goods purchased on are virtual. Once purchased, the user is the only holder and he or she will thus be held responsible for the use he or she makes of it.

3-Rules to respect

3.1 As soon as you get to , you agree to submit to all the rules stated here and all those which logically relate to it, even if they are not stated.

3.2 Insulting any players or asking them for their account credentials is prohibited. If the perpetrators of these facts are found (which is easy for our moderation team), an exclusion final will be pronounced without prior notice.

3.3 All conceivable sexual activity in an online game is excluded from . The discussions and behavior of this type is prohibited, in order to guarantee our users their safety and remove suspicious individuals from our platform.

3.4 The abuse of technical bugs or the use of third-party software allowing the interception and potentially the editing of data transmitted between the client part of the game and the server part in order to cheat or interfere with the operation of the game is prohibited and will result in permanent exclusion.

3.5 Advertising to another server similar to is strictly prohibited. In the hotel by private message, an invitation, or even in a direct chat with other players but also on the site, in the forum or any other imaginable communication space. In case of advertising, a permanent ban will take place on your account as well as on your Internet IP address.

3.6 Useless calls for help to moderators like a bogus request for example; The staffs have some more important things to do! Think about the priority of your request for help before sending it. This is therefore penalized at the start of a simple warning then in the long run if this happens again with an exclusion temporarily.

3.7 A username and group name must not contain insults, racism, or any other remarks that may offend the sensitivity of some people. We reserve the right to approve or reject any username or group name you choose.

3.8 Advertising, inviting a user to register or go to another server or community similar to that of without even quoting the exact name is prohibited.

3.9 Doubled accounts are created to increase visiting statistics, abuse the connection to the hotel, or spamming of users is fully prohibited. We reserve the right to suspend those accounts.

3.10 Any sale or attempted sale or purchase of furniture on in exchange for real money will be considered as a serious fault and will result in a permanent ban and deletion of that users goods.

3.11 Abuse, harass, threaten, make defamatory, obscene, racist, or offensive remarks to the rights of others (including privacy rights) is prohibited.

3.12 Prevent a user from accessing the site, entering the game, using our services, and whatever the duration of the means used is prohibited. Each user should have the freedom to access whenever he or she wants.

3.13 Impersonate the virtual identity of a user of pretending to be him and attempting to mislead other users is prohibited and will be liable to penalties.

3.14 To best help you, it is mandatory that you follow the instructions given by a member of the team of whatever the circumstances or the situation.

3.15 Transmitting personal data of an internal or external form in which allows you to identify the real and virtual identity of the person is prohibited.

3.16 Surrender, play, use with an IP address that is not his or by a VPN is prohibited for whatever the reasons. We reserve the right to deem these IPs unreliable and the right to suspend the account.

3.17 Political discussions can be initiated to the extent that the apology of a movement, gone where historical fact considered as an ignominy (such as the Jewish genocide, Armenian ...) will be directly considered as a deviation and could be extremely severely sanctioned.

3.18 Any fraudulent cooperation with another player with the aim of illegitimately obtaining a badge or a rare one constitutes a violation of our terms of use and will result in a joint exclusion of the site.

3.19 Any attempt to hack or directly hack one of our players is prohibited and is defined through the act to enter an account and modify information on the database (mission, look, Mobi ...). We have a history of each connection on an account and we will not hesitate to conduct an investigation thorough.

3.20 Members of the management team reserve the right to read discussions that are private or public if they consider it necessary to ensure sustainability and security of the hotel by making sure to keep the confidentiality of these.

3.21 Members of the Staff team with the necessary rights to access the rooms private or public are entitled to exercise their functions by going to any room in which they deem necessary to go.

Personal data protection charter

You can deactivate your account from the user interface settings. Therefore your data will no longer be visible to other users of the site and will no longer be counted as reliable data 1 month after deactivation. Someone can take your nickname, but you can choose a new one if you come back in the future. To reactivate your account, all you have to do is connect your email address indicated just before deactivation. We are committed to doing everything possible to ensure the security and confidentiality of this data, as well as to keep our Sites as secure and private as we can. This Protection Charter personal data (the "Charter") is intended to inform you of your rights and obligations in the framework of the use and creation of an account on the Site. You agree to consult it regularly, as well as the General Conditions of Use. Terms that are not defined here on are in the General Conditions of Use. is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your data in accordance with this Personal Data Charter. is responsible for collecting personal data, which are transferred to its servers located in Canada. When clicking the "accept" button when you register, you give your consent for us to collect, use and communicate your personal data as provided for in this Data Charter Personal. If you are under 18, you must ask your parents or guardians for permission before accepting the terms of this Charter and must ensure that they allow you to visit our Site (s. You are kindly requested to ask them to explain anything you might not understand in this Charter. If you have any concerns about the processing of your data personal by , we invite you to contact us by email. If more generally, you have questions concerning your data, the content of the Site, or any other question concerning our practices, you can send them to us by email.

Your agreement

The use of the Site as well as the creation of an account on the Site supposes the prior acceptance of the Charter, in the same way as the General Conditions of Use, so that we can collect, use and communicate your personal data under the conditions set out below.

Use of personal data

"Personal data" is information allowing you to be identified, such as your name, your postal address, your email address, your usernames and passwords, age, date of birth, telephone numbers, as well as, where applicable, a number and an expiration date corresponding to a bank card. You are likely to provide personal data when you visit the Site, for example when you complete an online form (including the registration form), that you participate in contests and surveys, that you subscribe to certain newsletters and features, that you post messages on forums and chat services, that you send us letters electronic or otherwise communicate with us. You will be informed, at the time of collection, of the character optional or mandatory communication of personal data that we ask you. In certain circumstances and for security reasons, we will also be able to record the conversations that you have had with other users on the public parts of the Site for a reasonable period of time. We may use cookies to improve the performance and functionality of the Site. Cookies are small text files saved on your computer and used to track your browsing on the Site. Grace cookies, we can recognize you when you visit the Site again, compile statistics, and know your preferences from your browsing on the Site. Our use of cookies allows us also to display a personalized version of the Site and promotional information, as well as give you access to your account. You can deactivate this function through your browser. However, this may affect the functioning of the Site and will require you to complete the complete filling each time. registration forms for competitions or any other request.

Purposes of data collection

We are likely to collect, use and communicate your personal data in order to:

1. Better understand your needs and improve the information, products, and services that we provide to you provision, such as discounts and specials.

2. Allow you to send emails and text messages to other users without them know your contact details.

3. Manage your account, for example, billing for services and collecting your regulations, monitoring the status of your account, securing information relating to our relationships with you.

4. Provide you with the products, services, and privileges.

5. Send you newsletters and other information (including commercial information) about the Site, of our Company and our subsidiaries, in any format or media, in particular via third parties, when you have authorized us to do so.

6. Inform you of changes or news that may have consequences on your use of the Site (for example, changes to our procedures, our Terms of Service, etc.).

7. Keep the data for reference so that we can understand the trends and needs of users of our Site.

8. Provide you with personalized information about the products and services that we, our subsidiaries, or our partners offer, when you have authorized us to do so.

9. Detect and protect us, our subsidiaries, and our partners against errors, negligence, ruptures contract, theft, fraud, and other illegal activities, in order to comply with our audit requirements, and verify the compliance of these acts with the policy of our company, the General Conditions of Use, this Charter, the laws and contractual obligations.

10. In compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

11. Or for any other purpose for which you have given your consent.

Personal data communications

We undertake not to communicate your personal data to third parties, except in the cases provided for in this Charter. In order to provide you with the services necessary for your use of the Site, the data may be communicated to our business partners, our banking establishment, our subcontractors, buyers of our company, suppliers of goods or service providers with whom we are contracting, for the sole purposes described in this Charter or for other purposes, provided that you have given us your consent to this effect. When we share data personally with a third party, we use contractual or other means to ensure comparable level protection and limit their use to the purposes set out in this Charter.

DATA COLLECTION ", we can also communicate your data to: Data collection, we can also communicate your data to:

1. prospective buyers, investors, consultants, and other third parties engaged in a potential sale or actual, merger, acquisition, financing, or any other business transaction involving us (or our subsidiaries) or our assets.

2. service providers retained by us or our subsidiaries to perform certain functions on their behalf or provide services to us (to us or our affiliates), such as hosting Sites, processing and data storage, software development and support, marketing, and advertising, research, delivery, payment processing, administrative services, insofar as in all these cases the service provider do not use or communicate your personal data to purposes other than those described in this Policy or without your authorization.

3. credit bureaus and credit reporting agencies.

4. upon judicial requisition from the judicial, police, or administrative authorities, in accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to data processing, files, and freedoms, amended by law No. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004.

5. to any person who presents himself to us as your legal representative, parent, or guardian in order to check which data you have communicated.

6. our insurers and consultants, as well as those of our subsidiaries.

Discussion forum and instant messaging

We provide you with chat functionalities and discussion forums. Please keep to the spirit that any information you choose to communicate in these sections will become public. We encourage you to be extremely vigilant when deciding to communicate information, especially to people you don't know. Please refer to the Conditions General Terms of Use applicable.

Right of opposition and withdrawal of authorization

Although we ask for certain personal data in order to make certain features, products, or services of the Sites, you can in most cases withdraw your agreement authorizing us to use and disclose your personal data for certain purposes. For example, if you do not wish to receive the Site newsletter or information on products and services provided by us, our subsidiaries, or partners, do not check the boxes at the bottom of the subscription. You can change these options at any time by clicking on the "My settings" links (for ) or "Personal Information" (for the IRC Gallery) on your home page. Other, you can opt-out at any time by sending us an email.

Access, update, or correction of your personal data

Once registered, you can check and change some of the personal data you have given to us provided by email. You agree to declare and maintain accurate, real, complete, and up-to-date this data, this being necessary for us to be able to fulfill our obligations.

Security of personal data collected

We protect your personal data with adequate security measures, including measures physical, organizational, and technologically designed to protect against loss, theft, access, unauthorized communications, copying, use, or modification. All data personal data that you provide to us on the Site and which are accessible through your account are encrypted. This encoding allows your browser to automatically encrypt or scramble the data you provide to us. send. Only our authorized personnel, those of our subsidiaries, or their partners can decode this data and this, in accordance with our, or their Personal Data Protection Charter. that unlike the communications you make via the Site, we cannot ensure the security of e-mails you send to us. We recommend you therefore not to include personal data in your emails, including the password of your account. We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the communication of personal data by e-mail.

The children

Site users under the age of eighteen (18) are not authorized to communicate data personal or to use public discussion spaces without the consent of their parents or guardians.

If your children disclose personal data on the Site or in the public discussion areas, they may potentially receive unsolicited messages from third parties. As a result, you are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the applicable General Conditions of Use, to put them warning about sharing personal data and controlling their use of the Site. If you are worried about your children's activities or their privacy on our Sites, we encourage you to email us.

Modification of the personal data protection charter

We reserve the right, at any time, to modify this Charter. Any changes to the this Charter will take effect immediately from its notification by any means, such as a message posted on the home page of the Site, an email, or a post. However, the modification of purposes of the collection, use, and communication of your personal data cannot be the implementation only with your express prior authorization or, only to the extent authorized or prescribed by law.

The use of the Site after these modifications will be considered as acceptance of these modifications, with the exception of the modification of the purposes for which the collection is intended, the use or communication of your personal data. If you no longer wish to be bound by the terms of the amended Charter, you must immediately stop using the Site.

Links to third party sites

Please note that our Site may contain advertisements and links to third party sites and services that may collect personal data about you. This Charter does not would know how to cover the practices and uses of these third-party sites as soon as we have no control over these. We, therefore, encourage you to read the Charters of the sites you visit, in the to the extent that their personal data protection practices and their Charter could be considerably different from ours.

Use of cookies

By browsing our website, you accept the cookies that we use for the proper functioning of the site. Note that these rules are valid for each user registered on . More information on the CNIL website

1- What is a cookie?

A cookie is information placed on your hard drive by the server of the site you are visiting. So, your next visit will be easier and the site more useful to you. It contains several data, for example example like the language you are using or other settings.

2- Why do we use cookies?

We use our own cookies as well as those of third parties for multiple purposes. We use them for example to help you connect to our services and protect your data, as well as to provide you with ads most relevant to you.

3- What cookies do we use?

Cookies have different functions. They can allow the one who deposited it to recognize a Internet user, from one visit to another, thanks to a unique identifier. Some cookies can also be used to store the contents of a shopping cart, others to save language settings of a site, others still for targeted advertising. We use it in the context of advertisements or from statistical sources such as Google Analytics (Google Inc.) or even via networks social (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube.)

4- How to delete cookies?

You have the option to disable or delete cookies in most browsers, and in in some cases cookies can be blocked by selecting certain settings.

Each browser you use will need to be set separately knowing that each offers features and different options for it. However, by choosing to disable cookies, you will not be able to be able to take full advantage of our site.

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Contact us

For any type of request, information or information on our regulations; Here are several ways to contact us. We will try to respond within 48 hours for all requests subject to the availability of one of our administrators.

1 - Contact us by email

The easiest way to contact us is email, in case of problem we are at your disposal listen.

2 - Our Facebook page

Do not hesitate to like it to stay informed of all types of updates, games, news or contests. You can participate in events to earn badges on and stay in touch on Facebook with our team as well as our players who share their different opinions on this page! It remains the most used and updated page of our team.

3 - Our Twitter account

Follow us to know in real time our news, contests, updates or games. Wait no more and don't hesitate to twitter in favor of , we'll be happy to retweet you!

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