Habbox Residents, it's time to don your safety helmet and get building with Room Of The Week!


Each week, a new theme will be announced and you'll have an entire week to create something magical, something to inspire us and make us say WOAH. 



 This week's theme is PUB / BAR, which only seems fitting as Lockdown restrictions ease across the globe. 

To Enter, simply include ROTW1 in your room name.

Everyone who submits a room will receive 50 Credits.

The winner will be chosen and announced on 25th May, 8pm GMT.



1st Place: 200 Credits, a special golden badge and trophy (plus bragging rights)

2nd Place: 125 Credits, a special silver badge

3rd Place: 100 Credits and a special bronze badge


Good Luck, and I can't wait to have a fresh pint poured at your pub.

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